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4 Must-Have Apps for the Millennial Mom

Let’s be honest, there’s one device that the Millennial Mom just might not be able to live without: the cellular device. Crazy, but it’s true! We use our cell phones for just about everything, whether it’s to stay in the know, to search a weekday recipe, or to have groceries delivered for the week. Our cell phones are never far from our reach.

I have combined a collection of some of my personal favorite apps for the Millennial Mom, and, of course, I want to share them with you! Here are a few of my favs:

1. Cozi (Free App)

I stumbled across Cozi when I was looking for an app to help my family stay more organized around the house. My husband and I have such busy schedules, and I’m constantly having to remind him about important dates on our radar. I love everything about this app, but my favorite feature is the calendar sharing. Cozi makes it easy for my family to stay on one accord, and up-to-date on to-do lists, grocery lists, and our household needs.

2. BabySparks (Free App)

If you’re obsessed with keeping up with your little ones' milestones the way I am, then you will absolutely love this app. BabySparks is an app that allows parents to track their children’s developmental milestones from 0-36 months. This app is one of my favorites; it includes a checklist of milestones for developmental skills, as well as activities to increase development in a specific skill area. Every month, I’m eager to check off Paxton’s milestones, and she seems to really enjoy the gross motor activities!

3. Sprout (Free App)

I enjoyed this app as a first time mom, especially throughout the duration of my pregnancies. It helped me stay organized with all things pregnancy related, from doctor appointments to pregnancy and baby needs. My favorite feature is the pregnancy journal, where I was able to record my thoughts, fears, and expressions throughout my pregnancy. Today, I enjoy looking back to these journals, reflecting on my pregnancy journey. It’s rewarding to see my growth as a mother.

4. Instacart (Free App)

Okay, let me tell you about Instacart….This one is a game changer, for sure! I use Instacart for all of my grocery needs. Need more Bubble Bath for the kids? No problem. Running low on fresh produce? Say less, sis! I love this app for so many reasons. You can choose from a number of grocery stores in your area. Once you find your grocery store, you can shop all of your grocery needs. If a product or brand is out of stock, you have the option to choose replacements and chat with your shopper to make sure you get exactly what you want. And here’s the best part, your shopper will bring your groceries right to your front door! This app comes in handy whether I’m home alone with the kids, or road tripping with the family.

Mammas-- I want to hear from you! Comment below, and tell me some of your favorite “Must-Have Mom Apps!”

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