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4 Mannerisms of a Millennial Mom

Updated: May 2, 2020

Regardless of the stereotypes that come with being a millennial, I have learned to embrace the beauty of being a Millennial Mom. When I had my first child, I tried so hard to measure up to the “standards” of what I thought motherhood was supposed to look like. I mean really, what did that mean for me? Did it mean giving up parts of my passion? Did it mean giving up girls nights or self care days? Did it mean a change in wardrobe? Would I need to dress a certain way? You know, like a mom? Was personal identity even still a thing?

You might laugh. But, seriously, I had to grow into the idea that I can still give my kids the world, while maintaining my own sense of purpose in the world. And, that’s the thing about being a Millennial Mom. We can do it all. We are a different breed. We are dominating motherhood. Millennial Moms are breaking generational curses, and we’re taking the whole “I want better for my kids” thing to new heights.

1. Millennial Moms can literally do anything.

Part of being a Millennial Mom comes with our need for adventure. We embrace new things with arms wide open. We take on new tasks, new projects, new curiosities every day. This is what sets Millennial Moms apart from mothers of past generations. We are ditching the stereotypes of motherhood. You know, those that encourage mothers to put their dreams on hold, and solely focus on being the homemaker. No, thank you! In the words of Cardi B, “I don’t wanna choose!” We want it all. We want the adorable kids, the spicy love life, the bomb career, the community engagement, and the entrepreneurial endeavors. We can literally do anything!

Where do we learn these values? Possibly, from listening to our grade school teachers tell us to “shoot for the stars” and be all that we can be. Or maybe because we grew up being told that anything was possible. And that we could do anything we put our minds to, if we work hard enough. So, here we are, educated, innovative, drifting into adulthood, navigating the beautiful balance of maintaining personal identity and loving our kids without limits.

2. Millennial Moms are plugged in.

In a world where technology and social media consumes so much of our attention, Millennial Moms embrace this wave! I mean it’s hard not to. Likely, because we witnessed the evolution of technology first hand. We experienced everything from cassette tapes, to CD players, to MP3 players, to iPods, to Apple Music. Let’s be honest, our generation pretty much invented social media: AOL Instant Messenger, Myspace, BEBO, Facebook. You name it, we were on it. Today, Millennial Moms are utilizing social media as just another tool to stay involved and up to date. Whether we are checking the news, borrowing a recipe, getting a product or restaurant review, or just scrolling for entertainment, we are more plugged in and more connected than ever. Because of this, we are able to better connect our kids to the best options available. And thanks to reviews and technology, we are able to do a little research and find the best for our kids-- the best car seats, strollers, bottles, you name it!

3. Millennial Moms are BEAUTIFUL and unapologetically showing it off.

Millennial Moms know that being a mother doesn’t suddenly alter your outside appearance. We spend just as much time picking out our outfits as we do picking out our kids’! We are trendy, tasteful, and fashion-forward, and trust us, we ain’t hiding it! And don’t judge…. But, you might catch a Millennial Mom capturing a selfie, while pushing her kid on a swing at the park, because… why not?

We are bored with the traditional mom get up! Skater skirts and cardigans are a thing of the past. Whether we’re sitting comfy-cute in the house, or marking the halls with our heels at work, Millennial Moms are not afraid to let our sense of style shine. Sorry, not sorry! We’re embracing our confidence, and we’re teaching our children the beauty in self love.

4. Millennial Moms need self care.

While 1 in every 5 millennial suffers from mental health issues, Millennial Moms account for three quarters of millennials who encounter depression and anxiety. According to an article in Forbes, millennial women are burning out at a much faster rate than our male counterparts, let alone in comparison to maternal generations before ours. Having said this, Millennial Moms understand the need for a self care routine. We know that when we feel our best, we give our best. We know that when we understand self love, we are able to reciprocate that to our children-- giving them the best parts of us, too. So, whether it’s seeing a therapist, a quick trip to the hair or nail salon, or a girls’ night out, Millennial Moms are taking advantage of self care practices to maintain our sanity.

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